Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Preview

I just had a great opportunity to read the first four chapters of Ted Dekker's soon-to-be-released novel, BoneMan's Daughters. The setup is great, as usual for Dekker. I am excited to get my hands on a copy of this book. To summerize the description of the book:

It seems that the killer is the "perfect father looking for the perfect daughter." But who can meet such high expectations? When the victim fails, each of her bones are broken and she is left to die.
Our main character is a military intelligence officer named Ryan Evans, a man that put his job first at all cost, even his family. His wife and daughter don't even consider him a part of their lives.
But then the BoneMan takes another victim, Ryan's sixteen year old daughter. As Ryan goes after this killer, the FBI begins to believe that he is the BoneMan.

I'm sure this will be another hit from Dekker, full of twists and turns we never see coming.

Here's a list of the books I have now just waiting to be read.
Fiction, the love of my life . . .
Perelandra by C.S. Lewis (about half through)
That Hideous Strength also by Lewis (last of the space trilogy)
The Watchers by Mark Andrew Olsen (about fourth of the way through)
People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks (cover caught my eye while shopping at Sam's Club)

Then there's my two writing books . . .
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (I'm about half through that one)
Plot and Structure (haven't even started it yet)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I got a reply.

So our wonderful author, Robert Liparulo, replied to my letter. I will not include a word for word of his reply because it was sent to my inbox and not included here. But he did tell me why he left the ends of each of the Dreamhouse Kings books at such important moments.

First of all, and the best reason I think, is that he didn't want to "wrap the book up nicely" when the story isn't finished. And you know what? I completely agree. I don't like when the books are wrapped up nicely. It's like each one has a separate ending when it's actually a series and shouldn't end until the series does.

Another reason was that when all the books are published for this series, they will be available together much longer than the time he's leaving his readers in suspense. He is correct in that, but it does not make it any easier on us now.

Now here is my reply, which I also sent to him:

To be quite honest, the avid reader that I am, I will most definitely hang in there and wait for the next book—while impatiently tapping my foot, drumming my fingers, and listening to the wheels turning in my head as I think of what could happen to the King family next.

It is fun having cliffhangers, but for the first few hours after finishing a book, I sit and stew about why it had to end there as unanswered questions roam freely in the space between my ears. So in my stewing, I wrote you my letter.

I'm sure I am not the only reader that gets to the end and goes “Oh my gosh! I need to know what happens!” And yet, I--as a loyal reader--will wait until the next book comes out because the need to know surpasses any disgruntled mumblings that may have come out of my mouth in those first few hours after the last page.

Also, I will admit, I am glad you don’t wrap up each book nicely. It makes these books just as interesting after the end as it is during the reading of it just because of the cliffhanger.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Graphic Novels and a Letter

So I've read my two graphic novels. Chosen and Infidel. There are some changes and a few things left out, I guess to keep it from being too long. Chosen is probably my favorite. I especially love the face in the sand. Now, onto my rampage. The Letter.

Dear Mr. Liparulo,
I have just finished Gatekeepers. I read the last page, shut the book, and shook it for all it's worth. Now you're making me wait until July? How am I supposed to wait that long?

The only reason I waited so long for Gatekeepers was that I got the first two books together and figured since I got to go from book one to book two so fast, I could be patient. Then I distracted myself with books from other authors--Ted Dekker, Eric Wilson, CS Lewis.

With the ending you gave me here, I don't think I can be patient. All the books in the world will not remove my mind from the fact that I NEED to know what happens to Dae, Xander, Dad, and Keal, not to mention Toria, Jesse, and . . . I won't mention someone else because that would give away something to those who haven't yet read this book.

What am I to do? You've left me in a predicament and I see no way out.

In need of answers,

Book Lover

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Buying Books & Pre-release Preview

So I'm sort of a compulsive book buyer. I tend to buy new books before I finish the ones I have. I have yet to finish the five books I got for Christmas. I've finished one of them, and about halfway through another one. And yet, since then, I've bought six books. But to compare the read to not-yet-read ratio, I've finished one and haven't started the others yet. So that's 1 1/2:5 for the Christmas presents, and 1:6 for all the others. I have a feeling the 1:6 ratio will soon jump to 3:6 since I have two graphic novels to read.

That said, I just read the first chapter of a book not yet released. The book is Green by Ted Dekker. It goes with the Circle books. The first chapter is gripping and a great set up for whatever is about to happen. I can't wait to read the whole book.