Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bookstore Excitement

So I went on a trip last weekend. While there, my friend and I went to a bookstore. It was glorious. All books were five dollars (except Bibles and reference books). The only thing that wasn't fun was that I had a budget to stick to. I've done quite a bit of traveling lately, and with more traveling planned, I had to be careful with what I spent.

ANYWAY . . .

While I was walking through this store, trying not to drool on the precious books, I was over in the teen section when I saw a man checking out Robert Liparulo's Watcher in the Woods. I stood there watching him read the back, getting excited because the moment he stopped reading, I planned on pointing out other books to him.

Now note to all, I am pretty shy in person so for me to start talking to a total stranger, it has to be about something I love. And books are pretty high on my list of loves.

So I could tell he stopped reading, and said "I've read that book. It's great. And they have the first one right here." *holds up House of Dark Shadows* He said that he read a book by Liparulo already and really liked it, so I mentioned that I saw Germ out on another table and he should check it out.

He picked up a Frank Peretti's Nightmare Academy and said he was a big fan of Peretti's. That just got me even more excited. I told him that if he liked Peretti and Liparulo, he would like Ted Dekker and Eric Wilson as well. I pointed out some Dekker books that were at that table, told him where to find some others, then we parted.

A few minutes later, my friend and I were in the super long line waiting to check out. I was watching people when I saw the same guy get in line a few people behind me. He had three books in his hands: Germ by Liparulo, and Thr3e and Adam by Dekker.

I was so excited. It didn't matter to me that I only walked out of there with two books. I have all of Dekker's, Peretti's, and Liparulo's (except Deadlock but they didn't have it). And only one of the two books I bought was fiction. Shred of Truth by Eric Wilson. I know I need the book before that one, but hey, for five bucks I say I got a good deal. And I'm working on getting his books, since the only one I had before this weekend was Field of Blood.