Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lots of Catching Up...

So I haven’t been so good about updating this thing lately… but then again, I haven’t even had a chance to read much. It’s been about a year since I very steadily read a lot. School and work kept me pretty busy and tired. Thanks to school though, I got a kindle. Why am I thanking school? Well, I had to buy my textbooks, which I then sent in to Amazon’s trade back program, and I got over $140 as an Amazon gift card—after applying that to the price, I only paid about $30 for my kindle including the shipping. I’ve been taking it with me everywhere I go, and thus, I’ve been reading more.

Four books have kept my imagination occupied over the last few weeks. The latest one I finished is by the author from my last post—Jeremy McNabb. He has published two works on Amazon: one a novella which I read and reviewed in February, the other a novel that I’m reviewing now.

Joy & Carnage

Joy & Carnage tells the story of Mercedes--a girl who, once popular, becomes an outcast after an accident that kills her best friend and leaves her face disfigured. She is then welcomed by people from one of the very groups she once considered the outcasts. Eli and Damian let her in on an event they’ve been plotting, the massacre of all their classmates. She thinks they’re joking at first, but after a painful prank, she eagerly joins them. When the first plan doesn’t succeed, they try again at their ten year reunion. Yet, something is very different in the second attempt—Eli, now a pastor, is working to stop the massacre at the reunion.

The ending… well, let’s just say that it is certainly worth the read.

The story is particularly interesting in how it follows the plots of each event at the same time. The events of the high school attempt and the attempt on the reunion seem to be happening simultaneously. McNabb does a great job with the characters and the plot. It keeps your attention so much so that I have to add the name Jeremy McNabb to my list of authors whose books have kept me up late into the night. (Thanks, Jeremy.)

Jeremy McNabb does a fantastic job in this book, and I highly recommend it.

And, Jeremy, just so you know, I’m still waiting for more of your stories to read.

Get Jeremy's books here: Joy & Carnage

Gravesight (Long Tail City)

Other works I have to review:
Deadlock by Robert Liparulo
The Warriors by Mark Olsen

On my reading list:
Apotheosis by Nathan Hodgdon
Splinters of Eternity by Michal Ingraham
Burn by Ted Dekker & Erin Healy
Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker
The Priest’s Graveyard by Ted Dekker
The Best of Evil by Eric Wilson
Dark to Mortal Eyes by Eric Wilson
Demon by Tosca Lee
Havah by Tosca Lee
…and more...