Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible

I recently received a book in the mail, and have enjoyed exploring it’s contents. Many of these stories are well-known to me, but the format is different—and refreshing.

The NKJV Greatest Stories of the Bible is a collection of 250 stories from the Old and New Testaments in storybook format. The stories of the scripture are divided into easy to read sections--if you just want a short piece to read to yourself or as a bedtime story for little ones, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

This is a beautiful book inside and out. The cover gives it an air of a family treasure to be passed down for generations. Each piece is titled, tells the scripture reference, and has each verse numbered as you read—this information is even listed in the table of contents for your ease. This is a good way to introduce kids to the stories of the Bible, or just a good way to read parts of the Word in a different format. This doesn’t contain the full text of the Word however. So if you’re looking for a good study Bible, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

To give you a general feel for this book:
There is a table of contents in the front that lists the title of the section, the scripture reference, and the page number. There is no concordance, only a small index in the back. Of the 250 stories, only 47 are from the New Testament. In the stories of Jesus, they include scripture from more than one book (i.e. Jesus’ Birth: Matthew 2:1-18 & Luke 2:17-39). Since this is a “storybook” of scripture, some books of the Bible aren’t included or only partially used. Some of the books not included are: 1 & 2 Chronicles, Psalms, Proverbs, Galatians, Philippians, 1 & 2 Timothy.