Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lunatic and Elyon

So I recently finished two more Dekker books. Big surprise there right? But these books are special. There was a cowriter in these books. And Kaci Hill did a great job. I was told that the first few chapters of Lunatic would seem a bit off. I disagree. I think they fit in nicely. Some of the writing in the first two chapters didn't seem to be Ted, but since I don't know who wrote what, it's hard to say if I'm right or wrong on that.

Lunatic and Elyon were great. They take place after White, from the Circle Trilogy.

When Lunatic starts, we are thrown back into the forests with our characters, and follow them as they realize the horde are now living in the forests. Where have Thomas and the others gone? We follow them as they fight the horde, become the horde, and love the horde. We are introduced to a new "species" and discover her powers, and find out what the other half of their world holds.

Darsal became my favorite character in these two books. And another character became my favorite one to hate.

My only questions:
Is there more to come?
Will all nine books about the Circle tie together in Green?
How will it all end . . . or will it end just to begin again?

And only one man can answer those questions, the author of them all, Ted Dekker.