Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Reader As A Writer

So I actually wrote a story.
And I sent it to an agent in September.
The agent sent a reply back a little over a week ago.
He told me that my project has merit and that I show potential. Yet, it's not what they're looking for at this time. He then listed two books to help me out. One is on self-editing. I definitely need that one and hope to get it in the next couple weeks.
I've also been going through writing tips from http://wherethemapends.com -- which I recommend to any person that wants to improve their writing ability. There are some tips which I already have applied and some that I'm like "OH! Duh! Should have realized that one!"

So I guess we'll see where this writing thing takes me. Maybe one day I'll post a blog telling everyone to go check out my book and tell me what you think. One day.