Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tim Tebow: Great QB, Great Leader, & Most of All, Great Heart After God

Okay, so I’m a born-&-raised Florida Gator fan. Orange, especially when paired with blue, happens to be my favorite color . . . But I didn’t start really watching the Gators play till high school. The credit for that can go my high school class—I was the only girl, so sports was always on topic. They got me hooked, and I’ve been loyal ever since.

Chris Leak was playing QB when I started really paying attention. I watched through his years, and when Tebow started playing in Leak’s senior year, I saw him and thought, “Good to know we’ll have someone to step up when Leak’s gone.” I left it at that.

Didn’t think another thing of this Tebow guy.

Until that summer.

I read a piece about Tim being in a church play as Goliath and the boy who played David did the Gator Chomp as he stood over him. It made me laugh, and made me wonder if maybe, just maybe, there was more to this guy than football. So I kept reading the stories to see. I watched him the following season, and my respect for him grew.

It’s hard for someone to earn my utmost respect, but this man, who is almost a year younger than I am, has earned it through his action on the field and—most of all—off the field. I particularly love the stories about his family. His parents, sisters, brothers . . . His mother is such a beautiful lady who seems to be full of so much wisdom that I would just love to sit down and chat.

I even attended an event he spoke at, but I’m getting a little off track here . . .
This is a book blog, not a sports blog . . .
Well, for this post, it’s both.

I received Tim Tebow’s book, Through My Eyes, and just had to start reading . . . I know, I know, I have a pile of books plus all the kindle books to read too.

But I had to read this. And, as each page was turned, Tim Tebow earned even more respect in my eyes. Tough feat, but he did. As I read his stories from growing up—his family stories, his work ethic, his sports life, his love of God—I couldn’t help thinking that his parents certainly did a great job. Then I read about his football career at Florida. As he recalled the games, I could see them playing over in my head—I watched most all of them myself.

What I loved most was how he readily used each piece in his life as a life lesson with God. He didn’t shy away from talking about Christ, and how his relationship with Christ plays a vital role in everything he does. That is where the majority of my respect for him comes from—from truly standing as a Christian, and not just playing the “Christian” when it’s convenient. Far too many people are Convenient Christians.

All in all, this book is inspiring, informative, and just a good read—it gives you a glimpse into Tim’s mind, motivation, and heart. Florida Gators fan or not . . . Denver Broncos fan or not . . . This is one guy of whom we can all be a fan.

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