Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Christmas Gifts

So to me books for Christmas are like toys for kids. I love it. I love reaching into a bag and pulling out some great title I know I’ll just love. Or seeing the square wrapped gift and wondering just what title will appear when I pull away the wrapping.

This year I got four books. But I knew about all of them because I was the one that had to place the order on Amazon. Heh heh.

Two of the books I received are fiction. You see, I recently bought Out of Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. It’s the first of a trilogy so I wanted the other two. And I got them. Perelandra and That Hideous Strength. I am looking forward to reading them and seeing where it takes me and the interesting Dr. Ransom. I’ve read the first few pages of Out of Silent Planet, and I must say, it certainly appears to be a good read.

The other two books I received are the ones I was recommended by the literary agent. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and Plot & Structure. The books arrived a few days before Christmas, and I was given the great pleasure of picking one book to have then. I chose Self-Editing. I’ve read and highlighted and noted the first three chapters. I must say, I’m looking forward to all the editing I’ll be doing to my story after I finish this book. And I can guarantee that I will be reading this book numerous times within my life. But it’s definitely not something for everyone. If you’re not interested in writing, no need to read it. Haha.

I will tell you more about the books as I read them. I’m not sure where I’ll start. I may put Self-Editing to the side so I can get the Lewis trilogy out of the way before I plunge into Self-Editing and Plot & Structure since I want those to be fresh on my mind when I go back to edit my own story.

Either way, you’ll hear about what I’m reading soon.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Things I Love

Reading and writing.

So I bought a new book. Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis. It's the first of his space trilogy. I have yet to read it and I've had it for over a week. Usually by now I would be done with it, but with how busy this week has been, I probably won't get to it until after Monday.

Now onto writing. I've edited the first six chapters of my story, and even added a new beginning. I think it works well with what the story needs to accomplish. I haven't had much time to edit this week though . . . once again, been busy and won't be able to do much until after Monday.

And now something I did last week. I got to talk to an author over the computer just a little last week. It was great. "Who?" you ask. Robert Liparulo.

I asked him if his gruesome scenes make him cringe. He said that they do, but he has to do research for them so he gets to warm up to them first, a luxury the reader doesn't have.

Haha. No kidding.

I told him about my friends' reactions to the first chapter of Germ. He said that first chapter is always the kicker. He had an "old lady book club" (his words not mine) choose Germ, and he got an email after they read the first chapter. He told them if they could get through the first chapter the rest would be fine. He said he later got emails from them saying how they loved the book.

That was cool. It was really nice that he took the time to answer me.

And if you read this, THANKS!!